Psychic Party

Host your own Psychic Party

FREE for Indianapolis/Surrounding Areas (Available online via video chat $25)
Available for any events, halloween, birthday, bachelorette, baby shower, office, New Year’s, anniversary party, etc!

FREE TO HOST – Full Tarot Reading or Spell, Pendulum Session +Mystic Gift

FREE – 1 Card + 1 Pendulum ?
$3 Past, Present, Future
$5 Pendulum (10 ?s + Chart)
$5 Mini Palm
$10 Full Tarot + Pendulum
$10 Mini Crystal Ball
$25 Spell

Will bring mystic goodies to have on hand for purchase such as: tarot cards,pendulums,charts,mini crystal balls,magicwands,crystals,stones,herbs,essential oils,candles,sage sticks,various DIY spell kits&potions