5 Common Traits of an Empath

Alot of people ask me questions like: how do I know if I am an empath? Do I have gifts and abilities? What are ways indentify these traits and awaken spiritually?

I have noticed alot of common traits among empaths. I will go over the 5 most common:


The fact your even questioning these ideas is the first indictor. You have the ability to look outside of the box and observe the beyond. Your not limited to the dogma, constructs, and limitations placed upon you by society. Your able to see past the illusion. Ask questions, make observations, and have original thoughts, ideas, and feelings independent of the masses.


The most common connection I see among empaths is trauma. Deep emotional wounds that keep resurfacing throughout out lives. These ideas and experiences can stem back as early as childhood/infancy. Stemming from abandonment, struggling financially, domestic; verbal; and emotional abuse, addiction, inappropriate sexual experiences, dysfunction family situations, deaths, failure, loss, etc. We all have a story. Patterns that keep resurfacing. Old wounds that reopen and need healing. Things we must face head on in order to heal from, learn, and grow.


As an empath, we feel a vast array of emotions very deeply. We pick up the emotions and energy from people around us as well. We are able to really feel and experience life. Laugh, LOVE unconditionally, truly live. On the other side of being able to feel everything so very deeply, combined with the emotional core issues commonly shared, is being susceptible to depression. The need to close yourself off from everything. Tuning out. Numbness. Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, shame, feeling unlovable, even disgusted by society and the world in general. As you work to balance and heal these emotional issues you can get back to the deep feelings of JOY, unconditional love, acceptance, and creativity. I will link a blog I wrote on the 7 Chakras, how to balance them, and also indentify which areas need work and why:


4. Attracted to/by negative people

Empaths can feel and understand other people emotions. We tend to be very compassionate and have a healing presence. As a result we tend to attract broken, narcissistic, and lost people. We sometimes give too much of ourselves, and love TOO unconditionally, at the expensive of ourselves. Some of the most beautiful souls have been shattered and rebuilt themselves. However, you must remember that you can’t fix anyone, they must fix themselves. Never break yourself trying to fix another.

5. Very Intuitive

Perhaps you have always “known” things. Felts and seen thing others didn’t seem to. Have unique questions, ideas, creations, and a sense of knowing. Situations throughout your life have made it necessary for you to trust your intuition and listen to your gut instincts. You may have many gifts and abilities are unaware of.

If this blog resonates please share it and leave feedback. Being an empath and Awakening can be a very lonely journey but it doesn’t have to be. Your not alone. Please reach other for support. Join our communities to connect to like minded souls.



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9 thoughts on “5 Common Traits of an Empath

  1. I moved to a city about 25 years ago and have absorbed the bitter, sour, sarcastic attitude prevalent here. I used to be so kind, supportive, and open. Now I’m in an almost perpetual rage. I can’t stand it! I hate living here. I don’t want to be this person.

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