Join Earth Angel Intuition’s Magical Communities!

Hey Earth Angels!

I’m excited to announce…I created a brand new magical community for us!

I started a subreddit for all things metaphysica, as a place for spiritual level connections with like minded souls, a safe place for awakening, spiritual growth and development, learning, and of course FREE & PAID PSYCHIC READINGS, as well as many other magical services and so more!

As we continue to grow I have so many plans, goals, and visions for Earth Angel Intuition!

More then anything, I am very much looking forward to having another place to connect with all of you beautiful souls. And to get to watch it grow into a magical place that we can all call home. Just like we already have and our doing with our Facebook community, and so quickly! Thank you all so much btw!!

If you don’t have it I would recommend getting the Reddit app. The new subreddit is:

We already have a lot of the same readers in the new subreddit, that many of you have gotten to know and love in through our FB community. As we grow we will add reputable service providers to an easily accessible list with all of our information.

If your not already a member and have a Facebook please feel free to join us in both magical groups!


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